Monday, 28 March 2016

#REVIEW | Teami Blends x promo code

This week i got to collaborate with the lovley team from TEAMI Blends (the site is full of inspiring beautiful images) and sample a tea from the selection they have. As im the biggest tea lover and tryer this was music to my ears.

 Seeing as spring has sprung now and the cold weather is finally subsiding *yay* its time to get summer ready! I hear such huge sighs at this comment but please dont feel deflated as Teami blends have some products to help!

Teami blends have a wide range of teas that are helpful in many ways, here are just some
of the teas

and more

 Wether you are looking for a healthy detox or a tea to help you relax and drift of to sleep then you are looking in the right place. I have the TEAMI ALIVE tea bags to sample, i choose this pack because i felt so run down after fighting off 2 colds in the space of 3 weeks! I needed that extra energy and oomf back after the cold season.
These bags have a blend of lemon grass, honey ginger and green tea. Which we all know are very good for our body.
I was aiming for my body to feel, yep you guessed it, more alive! Less sluggish and an all round new body haha

So i have been using it for a few days now and i do still drink my normall milky tea for all my sins! But it has really helped me on cutting that down and slowly replacing it with a healthier option.

This is what the tea helps to combat

  • Eliminating Chronic Exhaustion 
  • Boosting Metabolism 
  • Heightened Focus & Concentration
  • Increasing Energy Levels
  • Relieving Muscle Pain & Inflammation
  • Purifying the Colon
  • Increasing Blood Circulation which Improves Skin Complexion
  • Detoxing of the Kidney & Liver
  • Decreasing Migraines
  • Relieving Discomfort from Stomach Cramps
 I have felt a slight rise in my energy levels which im super happy about. I tend to read a lot of reviews on these kind of tea's and have tried out a few and it hasnt worked for me, but this blend is proving me wrong. I also thought it would taste vile haha! Thats down to my experience with green tea without honey but it is actually really yummy, of course you can add extra honey if you wanted to but i think it is fine without it!

The tumbler is probably the cutest tumbler i have seen. I adore the design, it is so simple and practical. It has a strainer and a seperate compartment for the tea bag. It is so handy to carry around and you  get a good grip on the bottle. I choose the black design as duhhhh it goes with everything! They have a range og colours though so be sure to check them out!

If you are thinking of starting a detox or want some extra energy i think teami blends is a great place to start! The tumbler is £19.99 and you get unlimited use out of it!! My tea was £14.99 and it comes with 15 tea bags! A bargain for good health!

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