Wednesday, 16 March 2016

#REVIEW | Ammonia FREE hair dye w/ NATURIGIN

There are a lot of hair dyes on the current market and when i am shopping for one i tend to normally stick to one or two brands, more than anything it is to do with price rather than being about a brand i love. All hair dyes have a variety of colours and there ist much else that sets them apart, so for me i am easily swayed and will give most brands a go! Enter...NATURIGIN. This posts is actually a little overdue, sorry guys! I met the lovely people behind the brand at the blogger hangout event which you can read HERE and they told me the wonders about the hair dye.

Basically the biggest selling point or best asset shall i say of this product is the fact that it is ammonia free and organic based! The dye itself is free of ammonia, which means it doesnt have the smell of a chemical lab!! I was so pleased and pleasently suprised with the smell of the dye. I really had no idea what to expect but it wasnt at all that strong bleachy smell it was so much more toned down. It also didnt linger in my hair, after i have used other hair dye my hair also smelt for days afterwards. The consistancy was a lot more runny than any other dye that i have used before but the applicaiton was super quick and easy!

The colour itself was lovely, it was vibrant and had a beautiful shine to it and was a lot more bolder than i thought it would be. Leaving my hair soft as desired. Im so happy that i got to try out this product and let you guys know about it. Using chemicals a lot can be damaging to us so its so much of a less scary feeling now when i got to dye my hair. I used to get so nervous before i dyed my hair haha thinking i would have a reaction to the chemicals like the horror stories you sometimes read in those magazines. No more need to worry now :)

Where can i buy?

The product is actually available to buy in Lloyds pharmacies! They have
a range of blondes, browns, black and reds!

I'm going to be posting some photos of my new hair on my instagram over at @justsarahxoxo_ so keep an eye out!

Whats in the box?

What is in the box you may ask, you actually may be able to tell from the photos but i shall just write it up here for you anyway.
Of course you get the solutions to mix up which couldnt be more easier!
You get the after dye lock in conditioner sachet
Gloves :)

Want to win one for yourself?
Because i love it SO much i thought it would be nice if one of you
lovely bunch could try it for yourself!! If you want to be in to win it then all you have to do is
FOLLOW both mine and NATURIGIN'S twitter handles and RT the pinned tweet. Just visit my twitter to find out more!!


good luck!!