Wednesday, 2 March 2016

#BEAUTY | Gerard cosmetics lipstick - underground spotlight

I have dedicated a whole post to this lipstick beacuse bascially i think im in love. Since Gerard Cosmetics launched i have wanted the whole collection, of course i would settle for one or two but i always thought the whole collection would be nice haha. Now i finally have one im championing it like its an olympic gold medal haha please dont think im mad. I have the shade UNDERGROUND  The packaging is to die forrrrrrrrr, omg, it looks like a bullet from most probably a James Bond movie right? The gold is so stunning and then you wind up the lipstick and just look at the colour. 

My favourite colour from the whole collection! It is the perfect mix of nude and that brownish/grey tone which i honestly think suits every skin tone. Like i was just getting sick of wearing nude, no, im lying i never get sick of that but i just want to venture out with a new colour that isnt so out there. I dont really like wearing reds ,purples or dark browns too much throughout the day and this is the PERFECT shade *faints*

I have been wearing it non stop since i got it and even when im just indoors wearing my pj's im wearing it :') hahaha

Staying power ??
 Ok, lets get real. *gulps* as beautiful as it is there is a slight downside but
it isnt that its not creamy to apply or doesnt smell like caramel or something dreamy (i cant place the smell!!) it is just that it rubs of quick. The staying power isnt as great as other lipsticks i have used! *sad face*

They are £9.50 which if you are such a tightwad like me you will hate but its such an investment colour so its well worth it! As i always say if you are getting more than one use out of it then buy it! 

what is your fave colour from the collection?