Monday, 14 March 2016

#BEAUTY | Manuka Doctor CC cream & Lip enhancer review

YAY! Another Manuka Doctor review! This brand is now at the top of my list when it
comes to skincare products. Not only are the products all inspired by nature and put to use 
 maybe the most feared summer creature's hated feature to use ; bee venom! Both these products are from the apirefine catergory. Lets take a look at the products :)

 I hope you love the little sunflowers! I think they go well with the bee theme and makes me think of summer, which means sun, which means protection! So we are pretty lucky that this CC cream has SPF20 :)

 I have been using this cream  non stop since i recieved it. It is the perfect essential to wear on its on or under foundation. It has a tint to it and is essentially a moisturiser which creates a high definition finish on your skin. I found it to be very thin on the skin which is a biggest  YES, these sort of products i love to wear in the summer when you really dont want all that foundation on your skin.
When i first applied it it felt kind of tacky, kind if primer like but when it was oxidised it settled and i didnt realise i had it on my skin! 

It really helps to combat any redness or blemishes on the skin without giving a full coverage like a foundation would but still giving a semi-flawless look. I dont know if its just me but i felt like it actually adapted to my own skin colour, when i squeezed out the first pump it looked kind of light on my skin but once i rubbed it all on it didnt look out of place at all. 

This for me is just a product everyone needs because i dont always have time or dont even like to wear foundation everyday! Lets face it, it really clogs up the pores and if youre in a rush to do it you can sometimes make the mistake of putting on too much and have those terrible marks haha *guilty* You can just pop it on and be on your way.

The best thing abou this product though (yes, i still havent got to the best bit yet!) is the GLOW. It adds the freshest glow to the skin ever. The totally dewy look that was a big hit last year? Yeah, well now its in this bottle! 

So wether you want to wear it on it own or under foundation as a primer slash moisturiser its up to you, but i think its nice the product gives us that option :)
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Lip enhancer 
So with the lip enhancer im still a little bit unsure. I squeezed out some product and put it on my lips and it did begin to tingle, i checked my lips after a few minutes and i noticed just the slightest bit of difference regards to the plumping. More than anything it gives your lips a shine and kind of boosts the outer edges of the lips if that makes any sense ha

It has a minty kind of smell and applies nice, it isnt overly sticky which i like. Some lip products are waaay to sticky and thats just a no go when in this windy weather, we know that us long haired girls end up looking like cousin IT!

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I have added a few photos of me using the products, i am also wearing the CC cream under my foundation for the perfect base and the lip enhancer on my lips that give it a great shine!