Friday, 11 March 2016

#BEAUTY | Morphe pan eyeshadows - review & swatches

Another one of my birthday gifts from last month! A little bit of Morphe in your life cant hurt can it!
I always wanted my own z palette that i could customise and here it is :) the palette itself is lovely, it reminds me of those ones that all the makeup youtubers hold whilst doing theirr makeup lol! The mirrir is so big and cleat its literally perfect. Also the base where the pans go is magnetic! SO you can easily get them in and out and they dont move around and fall about.
It is only £5.50!!!  p.s. i think im calling it a z palette when it isnt one LOL but sshhh lets pretend.

I have 5 colours so far as i think dont have that many yet, so i may fill it up with some makeup geek ones! The morphe pans are only £1.95 each.

I was suprised at how pigmented they are actually, really decent for the price. The colours are very random right, but thats my sister for you haha she picked them! I did swatch them but i think the camera filter may have drowned the colours out a bit. The blue colour is a dupe for the blue in the  TOO FACED semi sweet palette by the way, minus the chocolate smell of course ;)