Friday, 4 March 2016

#BEAUTY | e.l.f cosmetics - base makeup review

Am i being a bit rich claming e.l.f. is the best makeup brand when i havent tried a lot of other makeup brands? *covers face* ahaha id say so. Well, what i mean is i recently got some e.l.f. goodies for my birthday and i am SO impressed with them! Long story short, i havent ever found a decent foundation that doesnt make my skin look cakey or show old woman wrinkles...for ages i thought it was just my skin but NO...all this time i have been lied to. 
I tried out e.l.f's flawless finish foundation in shade BUFF ( so risky buying a shade online but it fits perfectly!) it looks darker than it is just so you know. So yeah, i tried it and its a life changer full stop. 

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Price - £7.50

Cheaper than most foundations too, literally this brand is singing from the same hymn sheet as me!
It is super blendable. It has a very good coverage, i thought it would be really thin but it isnt. I personally think it is the perfect consistancy - it isnt runny or too thick. It is nice and blenable too and if you want to go in and do more than 1 application it doesnt wrinkle or go yucky! It stays on for a long time too.
I give it a 10/10! 
Wearing the foundation and concealer - you can see how the concealer really does brighten the eye area and the foundation gives a flawless finish! oh yeah also the finish powder is used to set the concealer and carve the contour!

Price - £ 4.50
I gotthe shade fair. Again i really like this product. I tend to put the highlighter under my eyes in  V shape before i apply my foundation to give that sort of luminous look. Alternatively you can just use it as a liquid highlighter. The concealer is amazing it is light coverage i would say, hmm no i think it is a pretty alright coverage. What i really like is that it isnt cakey, a lot of concealers i have used under my eyes have just sunk into my bags and looked so gross!! This one really doesnt do that and again for me that is a huge plus. Going back to the coverage as i didnt explain it too well, what i was trying to say is that it is just a thinner consistancy than most concealers i have used before but it still covers well! I have scored it a bit lower just cos the highlighter isnt as luminous/brightening as i thought, but thats all!
I give it a 8/10 

Price  - £7.50 
This one i am so impressed with, a cheaper option than the laura mercier powder! It leaves my skin so so so so soft, i cant emphasis enough how soft it makes my skin!! It bakes the skin perfectly. You cant knock trying it for just £7.50!
I give it a 7/10


Price - £4.50
I love this brush. It is basically a tapered brush for contouring and highlight. The perfec size and the bristles are soft and i havent had any fallout. It is a brilliant price,
I give it a 10/10

The other items in the photo are an e.l.f. lipstick and somehow my NYX eye pencil got in there haha! So the lipstick came free i think when you spent over £30, it is a bright red colour and smelled really strongly of strawberries LOL i havent used it yet but hey you cant go wrong with a red lippy.

The NYX pencil is A-mazing. YES, every makeup youtuber has it. Now its mine too *woo* but honestly it is amazing. I use it on my lids as a base for my eyeshadows and YEP it sure does help the shadow to pop! It is so creamy and blendable i think it is a MUST have for any makeup enthausiast.

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