Tuesday, 26 January 2016

#REVIEW | Doll White - does teeth whitening really work?

I've always wondered if fads like whitening strips or those luminous light teeth whitening products really work. Its pretty common these days to see handfuls of celebs with veeners endorsing these products, when they clearly dont need too. So i wanted to try for myself and see first hand results. A bit of a scardy cat when it comes to putting anything on my teeth, as you hear horror stories about chemicals stripping your enamel off you teeth and so on.

With these strips i wasnt so scared because they dont have harash chemicals in them and they dont look scary either. Lets see how i got on with my 7 day teeth whitening.

The packaging itself is so pretty! It is literally the simplest design but its so eye catching *heart emoji* 
The strips you can see are what it looks like, see not scary after all! So you pop the long strip on your upper teeth and the smaller one on the bottom after you brush your teeth.
So i applied it to my teeth and it doesnt taste horrible or chemically at all, just minty and i leftit on for half hour. Once i took it off its kind of like a gel texture which is left on the teeth and you just have to rinse out your mouth.
So i did this for the 7 days ...

the results...

i do not think 7 days is long enough to really gage a proper result and the fact i havent tried any other products like this im gutted i cant compare it to anything for you! But it was kind on my teeth, no pain at all and i noticed the tiniest difference but i didnt end up with a mouth like Rylan :D

have you tried any whitening products that have worked for