Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Protein Drinks Company - Ufit x collagen beauty milk


I was saying in a previous post about how much i love tea and dont really have a healthy subsitute for it, after trying green tea and not being able to gulp it down...sipping just isnt the one. But lucky enough for me i have now found my healthy drink to go with my healthy breakfasts!! Enter Ufit and collagen beauty milk. Both products can be purchased on or you can also purchase them in supermarkets, holland and barret and other selected stores.
Im normally won over by anything chocolate tasting so thats why i am absolutley loving the chocolate Ufit drinks! Strawberry isnt too far behind on that list! These drinks are perfect for in the morning but also to grab on the go or to drink after a workout! I feel like they have made such a difference due to the fibre and vitamins, packed with 22g of protein! I didnt find there was any kind of powdery taste either, which i have had in the past when i have tried some other protein drinks. Sometimes i think the market can a go a little crazy when things go mainstream, a couple years back when protein drinks became a "thing" and they had flavours like cookies and tasted vile to me anyway haha i prefer good ol chocolate.

The collagen beauty milk is a little more intersting, im hoping it will be an instant beauty milk haha! In a way it is, once you are feeling beautiful inside it will show outside, right? A drink packed with antioxidents and collagen must be helpful to us ladies somewhere along the lines. Great for hydration of the skin i used these drinks as snacks rather than snacking on crisps or naughty chocolates! It has enough protein to fill you up! The fact that im getting my green tea from somewhere without me having to taste it does warm my heart in some kind of way! Ive heard that it can help with weight loss too!

what are your thoughts on these drinks?