Thursday, 7 January 2016

#BEMETIME | Healthy skin and breakfast - week 1

Who is ready to take 2016 by the balls and stop dreaming about that fit bod, clear skin and healthy eating regime and actually do it?!
Are you in?

well if you are then lets do this. not only can you take part in this new regime but you can also win you own bundle thanks to and mornflake cereal. Find out how below!

this campaign im working on with beauty expert and mornflake is called #BEMETIME. Its all about you and taking care of yourself inside and out and there is no better way to start than in January 2016. Not that you are reinventing yourself, no darling's, you dont need to make yourself and more perfect than you are! a new year is the perfect motivation to do those things you always make excuses for.

as part of this campaign i will get sent some skincare products and some healthy breakfast recepies to review for you guys each week in Jan. so as you can tell this is week 1 :)

WEEK 1 - what i got


Beauty Expert 
Mornflake - 
Let my lay down the scene with my breakfast routine for you guys, so im a big lover of croissants and crumpets just because they are quick and easy if you start work at 5AM like me. When i have a bit more time im a real granola girl, i love the texture of it and the taste. although i love granola im not a huge huge lover of lots of nuts and seeds. I actually tried the mornflake granola and loved it but im just not overkeen on having nuts and seeds in every mouthful, so if youre a real nut lover then this is for sure yours! It is high in fibre and made with oatbran to help lower cholesterol. *thumbs up*

As for the oats, they are so scrummy. I dont think you can live in a house and not have oats laying around somewhere in the cupboard. What makes these different is that they are organic, i dont know about you but if i eat something organic i feel a lot more healthier afterwards?! i think its just a placebo effect type -o- thing for me haha

I have yet to have found a morning drink to replace my tea! I am such a tea lover that i just cant replace it, yes, i have tried green tea. HEALTHIER? are you kidding me?! i cant drink it unless it has 10 heaped tspns of sugar or honey in it :( so if you know any healthier drinks, hot or cold that you drink in the morning please comment below.

Beauty Expert -
Im a big moisturiser girl, i dont think i feel right if i put makeup on before i moisturise ( is that just me ??) so im glad i have 2 new additions to my little moisturiser family now :)
Loreal revitalift, im not gonna lie i tried this one as soon as i opened the box because i connected with the brand. It is a well known brand across the world and i also have trust in the brand as i have used it before. Regarding olehenriksen , im sorry to say i have never heard of this before.

The loreal eye cream is great for brightening up the eye area and to also make it feel lifted, even though im not at an age where i should be worrying about my eyes i did actually feel a lot better about my eye area after applying the cream. It smells wonderful and it doesnt feel cloggy or thick in anyway!

Olehenriksen on the other hand is not really my cup of tea. It also has a thin feel when you apply it to the skin which to me is a huge factor, i cant stand feeling anything on my face. The only thing with this that i didnt like was the smell, it is a herbal creme so i would expect some kind of smells but im not really a citrus-y lover and all i smelt was strong citrus smells. For me its such a shame becuase it as a product has so many benefits including SPF 20 and anti-oxidents. Im not going to give up trying the creme though! If the results are good then a little sacrifice is in order ;)

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