Thursday, 14 January 2016

#REVIEW | Slendertoxtea daytox x sleeptox

Carrying on my fitness theme for the month of January i bring you, SLENDERTOXTEA! Im not going to go into detail about the ingredients and all that because you can see it for yourself on the website, here. I just want to let you guys know how i got on and my results.


i am currently on day 4 of my detox so i am just going to give you a run through of those results. i followed the instructions to brew the tea bag in my cup for a minute or two - i brewed it less at the start as i didnt know how tolerant i would be. i did this lets say 20 mins after i got up. i didnt particualry like the taste so it was one of those hold your nose and gulp things, but as the days went on i have grown to tolerate it. i was also drinking the sleeptox tea, which is an every other night drink. i would brew it 2 hours before i felt like i wanted to sleep. but i would like you to bear in mind that i have tried to eat full meals and eat as healthy as i can, cutting out fizzy drinks and crisps etc. i did have a bit of a wobbly tummy a few days in but they arent big side effects so i havent stopped the detox. i just assume it is where it is working in my system. so thats what i did but what were my results?

my results

so i did notice that my energy levels seemed to be more balanced, i work pretty early in the morning and sleep late so i can suffer with fatigue. i have been trying to drink a hella lot more water so the increase of energy could also be to do with that. i wouldnt say its one of those products where you will instantly drop pounds, you shed a lil bit here and there due to the fact it is cleansing out your body and what you eat, so it makes you feel a lot more cleaner than anything else. i think it helps to stop bloating and the feeling of discomfort.
overall i think its a wonderful tea and would recommend to anyone who is interested in trying it out to aid their healthy journey!

what do you guys think? have you tried it?