Saturday, 6 February 2016

FASHION | How to wear ear cuffs

If you are a fellow non ear pierced girl and are so sick of tired at looking at earrings that you really wish you could wear but totally cant unless it involves some serious pain then fret no more. Lets talk about all things ear cuffs! Sometimes i look at other ears in envy and just feel like my ears are so bare but of recent i have been wearing ear cuffs :)

no pain, no infections, just beautiful ears
and whats more, you can wear the more casual ones everyday 
and the more flamboyent ones for nights out!
They are all from
of which they have a huge variety of ear piercings and other body piercings!


I shall link them all below 

my favourite one is the first one, i wear it everyday now!

1. Ear cuff 3 rings (similar- 2 rings)

what ear cuff is your favourite?