Tuesday, 23 February 2016

#OOTD | Pastel party

The final installment of my high neck dresses and hats! I gotta say this is probably my favourite. I think the pastel purple and the cream hat really work well together, more than i ever expected anyway! I know a few of you may think the dress is prety shapeless or maybe even looks like a sack on me but i actually really dig this look. Some days i really cant be bothered with tight fitting clothes or even jeans for that matter...this is super warm, super comfy and i think stylish. I paired it with my first ever pair of brogues hehe. This dress i actually picked up from ASOS HQ for LFW! 
BTW. the brogues are wide fit, i literalllllly have the most awkward
feet to fit shoes so these are comfy for any wide feeted ladies out there!
Im looking to visit Amsterdam in the next few months and feel like this outfit is perfect for the city there <3

I was planning to wear this to LFW but i didnt end up going because of work commitments - BOOO *thumbs down* but i wanted to show it to you nonetheless.

if anyone here went to LFW i hope you had fun and link me yout outfits!
i wanna see :)

Dress - ASOS
Shoes -Newlook