Monday, 29 February 2016

#HEALTH | Why eat crickets? Lets talk superfoods w/ CROBAR

Admittedly eating crickets isnt something common unless you are on a game show ....or are a lizard. If you are a lizard and are somehow reading this then i guess you already know the benefits.....but for those of the less scaley kind i will explain! As you may know from my previous posts and most probably my twitter :') i attended the blogger hangout LFW event and that is where i discovered CROBAR.

Aside from the crickets which catch your attention i also think the packaging has been well thought out. It is really pleasing and fresh and the actual packet seems to keep the bar really fresh inside. So lets talk a little more about crickets are why you should eat them.

The bars -

✓ Protein Packed
✓ Gluten-Free