Tuesday, 16 February 2016

WISHLIST | Shoes for every girl inside of you

My style is ever evolving, so that means that one day i can dress super girly, the next vintage 70's and the then even a tad emo...is that still a thing?
If you are like me and have multiple fashion syndrome then i have a wishlist to help you, shoes can be a total statement to your outfit and i think...no, i 100% gotchu on this one, i have a pair of shoes for every fashion girl inside of you!

All shoes are from Schuh.co.uk and directly linked for you ,
forever making your life easier ;)
The emo girl in you needs a pair of converse ! Wether they are brand spanking new or
so tatty they look like you went dumpster diving, hey, i say the more vintage
a converse looks the more it fits the bill!


Dare i say these adidas superstars are for the blogger in you ?! Every blogger seems to have these right now, even though they have been around for ages i think they are the new huaraches?

calling all lazy girls *woo* these are for you, forget UGG boots you need UGG slippers. These are like little clouds on your feet, i actually have these and wear them all the time. They are so comfy and hardy, like you can wear them out in the rain (no, not to the shop, just no,to the bin and back only)

These gladiator heels are for those rebellious girls inside of you, the ones who do not under any circumstances stick to the basic colour paletters. NO white or black shoes, we all about pinks, purples, yellows and HELL YES mermaid tone shoes *fist bump* 


Finally, these peep toe heels are for the undecided girls. 
Boot? heel? boot?heel? ahhhhh fudge it i'll just wear both type of girl!!

which type of girl is your spirit animal?