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Vape Shoreditch x discount code!

A little something new on Just Sarah XOXO! Usually you see makeup, fashion and all things "girly" but i like to keep you on your toes and mix it up a bit. 
Me personally, i am not a smoker but  i can be partial to a bit of flavoured smoke 
Just as a side note, these ones do contain nicotine.
I think the popularisation of these kind of e-cigerattes came about when smoking was banned in public places like pubs, cafes etc and also can be a big help in quitting the smoking habit if thats what you want.

When it concerns flavoured e-liquid i think some people just like them for a different taste, just as a lot of people enjoy shisha (basically the same thing but without the big ol' pipe) so when i stumbled upon Vape Shoreditch i was  just super excited when i saw their flavour range!! Take a look for yourself here.

Flavours include -
Apple pie
Parma violet
Gummy bear!
Lime sorbet

 & many more!

if those flavours dont get your tastebuds a tingling then i dont know what will!

So , what is in the box?

How stylish is the box to start with?!?!? Love the colour and the simple text, even when i opened the box the layout was really stylish and clean. You get the pen of your choice, of which i picked the shoreditch two in white. You get the charger, the filter and your selction of e-liquids. You also get a lovley dicount code! My FAVE kinda code, this code entitles you to 3 e-liquids worth 99p inc p&p which are worth £9.99!!!!!

So the code you need is 

 What is the verdict? 
So this is probably the best vape pen i have ever tried. All in all in i have tried 3 vape pens and this tops them all with regards to the style and look of the pen, the taste and the smoke cloud.
Lets be honest, aside from the taste we all love to show of with smoke cloud or smoke rings. It creates the biggest smoke cloud ever ♥_♥
The battery lasts for a long time and you can vape your little heart out.

 The pen itself is £19.99 which i think is super reasonable!

The flavours really do taste how they say they will and have a real distinct smell of tht flavour which is a big thumbs up for me, cos i have tried flavours before that taste nothing like they say and leave a horrible after taste!

 Have any of you tried a vape pen? 
What flavours would you pick?




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