Wednesday, 24 February 2016

#EVENT | Blogger Hangout LFW event

 hello hello.
 First off i want to apologise for the quality of my photos, i had to use my iphone 6 in a really crammed/ dark area...bloggers worst nightmare i know! I actually broke my digital camera trying to take a non sexy selfie haha after only like 4 weeks of owning it!! i know right!!? Anyway back on topic, a few days ago i attended the Bloggers Hangout LFW event and i did squeal when i got the invite :) im a huge huge fan of the Bloggers Hangout. The event was brilliant, full of new and amazing brands, some i have heard of and some i am glad to of discovered. Music pumping and the sound of bloggers networking! My kinda partaaay ;) im so happy i got to give out my business cards too! I had fears i would have 100 branded business cards with no home to go to and that would be the ultimate failure ha but i gave out more than i thought so as a top blogging tip i really really advise you to create your own, it is so much easier than writing your name and email on a piece of paper! I got mine from vistaprint!

Im going to do an in depth review of some of my fave products and link the post HERE, otherwise its going to be pretty long winded. But for now here is all the brands and their socials :


I was suprised how a lot of the stalls were food and drinks and most of them healthy, vegan or sugar free foods. Im not complaining though as it has helped me to find healthy alternatives. I constantly look for yummy snack bars cos i tend to pick up different ones from supermarkets and try them and then never eat them again cos they taste vile! Everything i tasted from this event i really did enjoy but we will see in time if i like them long term!

You cant pass up the chance to try crickets :')

what is your favourite brand from the list?