Saturday, 27 February 2016

#OOTD | Tuxedo dress - casual & classy

 Hello!! It was my birthday on the 25th, hence the balloons and banners!
 It was also my blogs 1st birthday, awww, happy birthday little one!


I got this lovely tuxedo dress from . 
With the intention of wearing it to LFW but that all went to pot because i couldnt get time off of work. I couldnt just stand by whilst it was hanging over my chair waiting to be worn any longer so i have still photographed the dress but its an inside job! I wish i could of shot it in the daylight or at an event but here is the next best thing! 
Let me tell you why i love the dress first! It is either super casual and i think flower child like or super classy. I have shown you how i think that is in my photos. Lets talk through it...

 Here is the look i consider classy, the look that you can dress up and wear out to a bar or meal. The dress is a blush colour which is a light pink/creamy colour. Which i think is pretty refreshing, i tend to buy black dresses?!! ALL the time ? I think its the easiest option sometimes. I love the button detailing cos its so smart, the dress itself is pretty simple i think it is the buttons and the collar that really makes it. I really love it! I paired it with these NEW LOOK over the knee boots, so you dont even have to wear tights if it a little chilly! 


A more casual look here. So i just simply put a top underneath, my top of choice is actually a jumper from ASOS . A roll neck of course :) any colour that you fancy will work. You can leave it as a dress or you can also put on jeans and unbutton the dress so it looks like a blazer! I think it looks really smart that way too. I paired it with these MISSGUIDED wedge boots.

What do you think?