Friday, 15 April 2016

#BEAUTY | My monthly beauty favourites

Seeing as there are way too many beauty products i am LOVING right now i had to compile a post so i could share them with you! I cant be keeping all the goodness to myself now can i?! I have more products than i have enough body parts to use them on BUT i cant ever see myself stopping from trying out new products :')

Lets see what i am loving..

My love for this brand is no secret, i have a post on just one of the lipsticks alone, here! haha i know right? i single post on just one lipstick, sorry but i love them that much! sorry not sorry :) Aside from the gorgeous gold bullet packaging the colour range of the liquid lipsticks and lipsticks are just so me. Im such a nude/brown lip colour gal and they have such a range of them. A girl cant have too many nudes! Thats a rule to live by. So far i have UNDERGROUND, LONDON FOG and ICED MOCHA. I mean they are around £9 each which sometimes i think im mad for spending that on one item but they are truly beautiful and i actually prefer the matte liquid lipsticks cos they stay on a lot longer. 

As beauty  blogger you should know all about the nivea post shave balm! If you dont where have you been??  Most makeup gurus have been using this badboy as a primer, i have tried it a couple of times and i think it has amazing stay value, the makeup doesnt slip and slide on the primer and a smells so nice. Im a lover of mens smelling products so this is jsut an extra tick for moi!

I recently contacted Jurlique to see if there was any blogger opps and to my dismay there wasnt but i was sent this balancing mist as a sample and even this i am grateful for! You know how it is when you want to try a product and you just dont know wether to invest or not, aside from the fact you have so much stuff already can you really afford more!! Im just so glad i got to try this because i have not stopped using it. It smells DIVINE!! Like mmmmm girl, i just cant explain , summer in a bottle! I spray it over my  face in the morning, after a bath, before i do my makeup. It helps to hydrate my skin and to make it super soft! Cos it is a spritz, like a sharp burst i feel like it wakes me up! Im 100% going to try more from this brand.

 I have a seperate post on this and a few more products from the beautiful SBC range! HERE. So i wont go into too much detail but i love the fact that this is a gel moisturiser, like i have never come across one before? Maybe i was living under a rock lol who knows, but its super cool and light on the skin. Something to bear in mind now that summer is coming, thick creams ae just a no no, thats why this one is a winner!

  A hair product! Yippiee, im always so concentrated on my skin and makeup i often leave out my hair! I picked up this detangler just for a little spritz for my hair to give it that nice smell and to just give it a bit of oomf. I never put anything in my hair and it always seems limp, this of course isnt a plumper or anything but i just feel like it gives it that something extra.

This isnt a beauty realted item but its beautiful none the less! 

Hand Written Cards!
I recieved a lovely card from +Sarah Dickinson who is over on twitter @ sunshinesarahxo and owns the blog and i was so happy. Like it had such a wonderful message and really empowering and positive towards blogging/ and being blogging BFF'S. I think in the world of emails and social media its easy to forget about the basics. Me being slightly old fashined love anything hand written and heartfelt and it just really had a positive impact! Great choice of card too, i LOVE it!!
Being a MUG addict anyway, of course im going to also love their duo chrome shadows which are basically shiny when they hit the light. I only have 2 so far but i love them. I couldnt recommend them enough as they are so pigmented and pretty. Im growing my collection one shadow at a time! 

 So cute and flirty. I love these lashes because they add effect without being so out there! So they are just perfect for all things, day or night.They have the band which sits so nice on the eye and isnt uncomfortable at all.

 This concealer has been my favourite so far. Creamy and blendable, good coverage but also feels lightweight, like hello, what more do you want?