Sunday, 24 April 2016

#BEAUTY | BHS's Live Love London cosmetic range

Yay! Back doing a post on what i LOVE - makeup!

Some of you may recognise this brand this brand from your local BHS stores as that is where they are stocked. The brand is Live Love London and they are such a reasonable price for the quality. If you are a bit of a makeup hoarder like me you know that it can be pretty expensive if your always buying the likes of MAC, NARS, urban decay and so on. So i was actually suprised when i used these products and found out how pigmented they was!
I popped a few shades on to my fingers so you can see what im talking about with the pigmentation, this is the love sexy palette of which all shades a shimmer. The bottom left big shade is GORGEOUS! It creates the most pigmented glitter/shimmer shade and reminds me of those MAC pigments. There is quite a colour range which i love, but it has the basic whites, browns and dark browns that you need for any eye look!

Im not a huge fan of the whites in the contour palette as for my they are too bright so i use them as shadows instead, as for the brown contour shades i was so happy with them! The middle two are the perfect cool shades for the contour and the top right shade is perf for bronzer!
This highlight is for sure on par with the MUA irridecent one, but i think maybe its a bit brighter! This one is kind of a pinky shimmer but you would notice it to be pink, it creates a lovely shine and 100% worth the money.
I just love looking at the picture of it undisturbed haha no marks or pan showing, looks so pretty right?
As you must know i am such a nude girl when it comes to lippy but its always nice to have colours if you fancy a change, this one i wouldnt normally pick for my skin tone i feel like it washes me out, but then again i think that about a lot of bright colours on myself haha but it is a nice purple with pink undertones and it has a shiny finish. It is perf for a pop of colour and i think if you have brown eyes it would really suit you! Also lets just bow down to the packaging, its super chic!
As the makeup industry grows and high end makeup is starting to become more of the norm it can be quite easy for us to forget all about high st makeup and push it to the back but i dont think i ever will forget about this bunch! The brand is fab!