Friday, 29 April 2016

#FASHION | Sunglasses you NEED for summer!

Sunglass season is finally upon us, well for me it is always sunglass season as i always carry a pair in my bag or have a pair stuck to my face! But least it means we dont get weird looks as to why we are wearing our sunnies in the rain ha!

I dont ever ever think a girl can have to many sunglasses, there are just so many styles and so many face shapes, so many moods and so many selfies to take ;D i have tried SO hard to narrow down my favourite glasses, which i think you may be able to at least pick one and think
"yes, that style will suit me!"

You can pick up most of these stypes over at  
1. Lord of the rims - 
Im getting a vintage x modern vibe with this, the whole rims are super modern and trendy right now but the shape and tortoise shell pattern really throw it back to the 50's. I have been wearing these non stop since i got these from cheap ass sunglasses, they actually have such a alrge collection and at THE most reasonable prices! Some of the styles remind me of the Quay Australia sunnies! 

2. Tortoise Shell/ Round glasses - the glasses that are slightly in the background are the ones im talking about here lol. These are my ultimate go to sunnies, they have the nicest circle frame which isnt totally circle or too big for the face and they too create a 50's vibe. I actually cannot remember where i got them from though, ughh, so annoying. But if i was to guess it would either be h&m or new look.

3. Square glasses - the ultimate cover up -
These are the type of glasses you need in your life when you have those emotional moments and need to conceal your runny mascara and swollen eyes....or you could just be totally hungover walking the street at 6am and not want to deal with the shame LOL which ever it is, then you need these. They are the best swamping kind of glasses but also look chic. My fave pair to wear when i want to add a bit of chic to my casual outfit. I think thet are from h&m.

4. Circle glasses - Primark
 lets take it back to the 60's when the huge circle glasses were a thang! I mean i dont think these are for every face shape but one beauty who could pull this off and kill a few peeps with it is the glam Natalie Wood! I know they had these floating around a while back in Primark, but i cant think if i got mine from new look maybe, cos my sister went and copped a cheaper pair from primark..much to my dismay!

5. Mirrored glasses - 2016 staple - eBay
This year mirrored sunglasses have taken over and every celeb, blogger and influencer have a pair. Is it because we can look at ourselves in the mirror? Two birds one stone and all that...haha not for me anyway. But i really think they are great for telling which of your friends actually listen to you when you talk or if they are just staring at themeselves in your glasses HAHA! Super trendy and sexy. I got mine for like £3 from eBay with a blue colour mirror but you can get different tints and styles! Go check them out!

6. Cat eye - Amazon
The glasses on the left are the ultimate cat eye , haha you cant escape the decades in any of my posts! I saw these on amazon and i had to have a pair jsut so i could emulate the likes of sophia loren, marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn. If you are not really in to the 50's give them a miss but i think they are super cute!

7. Low level aviator - primark
I dont have the typical mirrored aviators, why?? i ask myself that too. But i did pick these up from primark a few years ago and they have the same shape as aviators just with a turtoise shell pattern. Super casj simple glasses.

Sunglasses are my favourite accessory EVER, what is yours?