Friday, 1 April 2016

#OOTD | A twist on a traditional 50's housewife

I decided to finally make that subtle transition. Yes, i have brought back the vintage (maybe introduced it, i have only done a few decade type posts), my real passion. Scrap that, i have an intense loving for 50's fashion, cinema and music. Maybe i have previously made excuses about how expensive it is to buy vintage clothes - cos it is haha but there is a difference to buying vintage clothes with that label or going to a charity shop and finding vintage inspired clothes. Even in some of the high st shops there are subtle vintage influences. But to me vintage clothing is easier to find in a charity shop/boot sale.

Let me explain the reason behind the title, why i think its a twist. I orignally bought this second hand dress which is formly from next for an upcoming interview i have, as i dont like to wear a boring shirt and trouser to interviews, it lacks a certain kind of personality. This dress literally called my name, i saw it as soon as i walked in and convinced myself to carry in walking and not to buy anymore clothes haha but i went back to it 3 times!!! Then i decided YOLO its got to be mine. 

It is a suede texture on the outside with a comfortable silk on the inside, beautifully made and creating a beautiful silhouette. For just under £5 you cant go wrong. After i tried it on the vintage theme really came to mind. So i knew i just had to shoot it but add a twist! Adding the glasses which are so 50's (i have a ton of 50's sunnies!) and the gloves which were im sure another charity buy years ago and of course the brogues, it really shouted 50's. I love the belting detail, it really adds that hourglass figure every 50's women seemed to have.

Although this all shouts 50's the henna doesnt! But there is where the twist comes in ;) i of course didnt henna my hand for this look as i done it a few days ago but i wanted to incorporate it cos it looked modern. I love the idea of bringing vintage and modern together, i think they really go hand in hand <3

I am hoping to do more of these vintage looks as well as my everyday looks cos i 
really enjoy the art of it.

Brogues - New Look
Gloves - Vintage - ebay is a good shout!
Glasses - vintage - similar 
Dress - vintage - similar

do you like this look?
should i do more?