Tuesday, 12 April 2016

#BEAUTY | Oil pulling with Mintycoco

Introducing the easy way to oil pulling with mintycoco
I started oil pulling a year or so a go on and off when it became a craze and i just used ordinary coconut oil from a tub...which turned out is pretty messy haha! Putting your fingers in a tub and having the oil melt instantly to a liquid on you is just not my type of fun!

Mintycoco have introduced a convenient way of getting the oil from A to B. You basically hold the packet in your hand for a bit as it is solid, and i will quickly turn to a liquid. Which then you can just pour straight into your mouth and swish away.
I just love these mintycoco packets because of their ease but also the taste. I have been known to gag once i have the normal coconut oil in my mouth because, well, really its just a bit weird have a substance like oil and the taste of it in your mouth. As the mintycoco has the mint flavour to it, it is a lot more acceptable haha it also gives a more refreshed feeling afterwards!
There are lots of helpful tips and directions on a leaflet that comes with the oils. But the jist of it is to help your dental hygiene and to brighten your teeth naturally! There are no chemicals involved and im always up for trying natural products. I think if you use them regualary you will notice a difference not only in the colour but also the health. Maybe less bleeding if you have bleeding gums, but i think its more of something you will feel yourself , like 
i really do feel my mouth is a lot more clean and stronger in a way. Im not as anxious when i eat citrus fruits or drinks.
You can easily buy the box of 14 here , or even save money and subscribe and get them monthly so you up keep your oil pulling!

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have you ever tried any oil pulling before?