Wednesday, 6 April 2016

#BEAUTY | SBC gels

One of my favourite ingredients for my skin, especially dry skin is manuka honey. So i tried out some of the honey products from the SBC Gels and havent stopped using them. They have replaced my usual products. So lets have a product break down!
The manuka honey and orange blossom scrub has really fine bits in it which are very helpful for exfoliating, but as a they are super fine it is a lot more nicer to  use than some products that have the larger exfoliating bits in them!
  Manuka honey & orange blossom body butter - as you have guessed by the name this is a body butter! They dont tend to be my go to product as i dont really like the consistancy. I love the smell of this, its so fragrent. After i have used the shower wash i either use this or the gel to get me some soft soft skin!

These two are my favourite from the honey selection. There is the bath and shower gel (on the left) and the skincare gel. The bath and shower gel smells so strongly of honey and lathers up in to a nice foamy bubbly wash, leaving you smelling nice and freshly clean. The gel is to just die for, i cant wait to use this in the summer because it is a gel it feels so cold and re-freshing to the skin! I actually havent used a gel like this before, it is really good for getting into deep areas of the skin, i feel it has aready improved the texture of my skin! If i could recommend one of the products it would certainly be this! 

I am so impressed with this section of the range i am looking to try out more of the other products!