Saturday, 8 August 2015

TRAVEL | A view from the Shard

Yes, i live in London but yes also like the tourists who love London so do i! So when it comes to visiting all attractions i can in London im so down for it. I treated my other half for his birthday and bought tickets to see the view from the tallest building in London....even with my deathly fear of heights!! It was such a lovley evening to see a full 360 degree view of London in all 3 backgrounds, day, sunset and night.

Suprisingly enough the lift that takes you up to the 60+ floors is so fast and the G force makes it feel like you are on a plane. Once you get to the floor you can chill and see the wonder of London, pop open some champs and use the telescopes to zoom in and have a closer look at the buses and people that look so small from above. 

After that you can use the stairs to go to level 72 which looks like a tennis court with the astro turf looking carpet and the little flower boxes ♥_♥ cos this is right at the top of the shard it is open and you can feel the breeze and smell the fresh air! 

If you tend to be afraid of heights and have a little vertigo then its OK you can hold onto the pillars like i did haha

I didnt get any night photos on my camera as it died (bloggers worst nightmare) 

Much love,