Sunday, 30 August 2015

August beauty favourites

I have lots of faves from this change there!! From products to beauty trends im going to let you all in on what has captured my heart ♥

  Regarding makeup this month i have 2 favourites, one is the Loreal lipstick in the shade Eva's nude. This lipstick has such a sheen to it it doesnt just look great but also feels great, it is so soft on my lips they feel moisturised the whole time i have it on and i dont feel like i have to keep re-applying my lippy!

Zoeva's cream liner is my other makeup fave this month as it is so creamy and such a dark jet black it creates the most beautiful wing!

 Hi again to the NUXE dry oil! You know by now why this is my fave, it oils the whole body and hair!
 I did speak about this beautyworks miracle spray in my post about the lookfantastic beautybox, it did come with the box but as i love this and i really really think it works im going to carry on using it. It creates the smoothest hair and smells so fresh and clean too, thats why it has a place in my favourites!

Hugo Boss womens has always been my staple scent, it just smells so fresh and womanly and it lasts all day. The main thing apart from the smell that i look for in a perfume is its staying power. I want my scent to last all day long especially if i am paying premium for a perfume! This perfume i think is such a reasonable price and stays all day.
 Septum rings are also another recent trend with everyone having something dangeling from their nose! I'd never be brave enough to have it done permanent! hellllloo i dont even have my ears pierced!! I got my one from

The biggest "trend" that has always always been a love of mine is Henna, i wouldnt quite call it a trend as it is a cultural thing but recently it seemed to have become a celeb trend. As you can see i have nearly used up all my henna!! I won't hesitate to get some more as i love the look and feel of it.