Thursday, 13 August 2015

FASHION | Vintage vibes

If i can channel any kind of vibe into my style it would firstly be vintage, secondly it would be 60's, thirdly it would be mermaid glam, fourthly it would be Kardashian - Jenner and finally it would be girly girly glam! I mean what is a girl without a new pair of shoes??? Are you truly a girl if you have space for shoes in your wardrobe?? ( i know you are asking youself that question in your head now...don't worry im sure you are all woman!) Anywho what i am trying to say is don't feel guilty for wanting to buy those shoes you instantly fall in love with ♥_♥ unless its going to leave you homeless *cough cough* my current situation *pulls hair out*

Of course PUBLICDESIRE are forever fueling my habit, here are my current faves

 Totally clueless!


90's grunge?

The red heels are literally giving me vintage life, reminds me of such a fucky phresh 60's style
Kardashian - Jenner uh huh honey

Boho babe 
Disco doll

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ENDS 31 August 2015

Much love,