Friday, 14 August 2015

Live life the henna way

If you follow me on instagram you will proabaly know my love for henna/mehndi. As im typing this with my henna'd up hand i thought i would share my process on how i do it and how to get the best results. One of the reasons i love it is due to how anybody can have a go and its all about experimenting. You can be as free as you want with the design and colour and can do it whenever you want. If i have a bit of spare time and i feel like doodling i now go and grab my henna more than a pencil and paper! 
It is becoming more popular in celeb culture with the likes of Christina Milian and Pia Mia showing  their henna hands off recently.

I love the brown colour it turns, it just seems more natural and cultural and complements the skin tone rather than the harsh black of a tattoo But hey, thats just me.


# make sure you have the henna squeezed to the end of the tube so that it comes out smooth and not in blobs

# watch some tutorials or copy a picture if you are finding it hard to think of an idea or how to hold the tube

# add oil (NUXE huile prodigieuse - suggested oil) after its started to dry off to darken the colour & give it a good finish

# add glam nails, your fave length and shape to add some pazaz!!

# leave it on for the longest time possible 

Have fun creating your henna, experimenting and remember it is all unique to each person :) good luck finding another with the same design. Also it isnt permanant so if you have commitment issues you can just relax on this one ;)

Much love,