Tuesday, 25 August 2015

MAKEUP | brand haul

I really had no idea for a title on this one, so i've gone with brand haul as i got these bits from BeautyBay.com which sells sub brands, so somehow along the line i guess it fitted. The bits i purchased where quite random, i always wanted to by the ABH contour kit so im so happy i finally have my hands on it, but with the Zoeva items it was sort of a random pick. I knew i wanted a decent brush for my eyeshadow and also an eyeliner, then i saw the zoeva blush and it looked so pretty and had pretty good reviews! I also bought a beauty blender but a smaller version and it is BeautyBay's own brand and the BB cream came free! 

 I am loving this kit right now!! The creams are so blendable and creamy and one thing i  came across is it feels like you have no makeup on if though you do, like with other concealers  and what not that you can use to contour with it feels so cakey and packed on your face, where this makes your skin feel breathable ...Worth the money ♥  (This is the medium )

 The blending sponge is great, such a good little blender . I love the black colour too, its so simple and again i feel just adds class to my makeup collection ♥

The BeautyBay BB cream came free with my order, and im pretty impressed with it, it isnt too cakey but it also does cover up a few red areas etc i feel it would be great for when you don't have time to put a lot of makeup on in the mornings perhaps, and even in the summer just so your skin can breathe.

  Hi ZOEVA blush looking all pretty! Other than the product itself i must say that the packaging is so damn pretty and classy, i love this blush it is so pigmented and easy to build with! This shade is - He loves me maybe

The 221 eyeshadow crease brush is super cute to look at and just run your fingers through, its so light and easy to blend with, i have used it a couple times and so far im loving the blend that i get. It gets rid of the harsh lines and the bristles are so soft.

Black lace cream eyeliner again from ZOEVA, probably my second favourite of my whole order! This kinda reminds me of the ABH dipbrow pomade just because the smallest amount goes a long way! Like all you need to do it tap your brush in there and it covers near enough the whole lid, its sooooooo sooo sooo easy to apply as it glides and it doesnt smudge! Once it dries it is quite difficult to get off.

All in all im happy with my BeautyBay order
and look forward to giving my love to my cosmetics :)

Much love,