Monday, 17 August 2015

My blogging experience


I feel like i am now eligable to write a little bit about my blogging experience and pass on some tips as i have been at it for roughly 6 months. I started blogging Mid January but it wasnt my main focus until the end of Feb, beginning of March. 
Before i started blogging i actually took it for granted in the sense that i thought it was an easy thing to do and in actual fact it is the total opposite. No way am i saying it is not fun!! Hello, i wouldnt be doing in otherwise! It is a very time consuming thing and can be quite expensive depending on what you blog about and how far you want your blog to go. Sometimes i do wish i had so much more time to invest to my blog but you know life has its way of scooping you up and saying HEY get back to reality. 

I recently signed up to twitter and within days i have seen the differences, i have had on average 20 more views a day. Many of you may be thinking why didn't you sign up to twitter 6 months ago? Well, like i said i wasnt as serious about my blog then and i didnt want the extra work of looking after another social site. Very lazy i know, but you have to change your mentality and put it in to perspective, nothing worth having is easy and hard work pays off! 

Make sure you are constantly tagging 
Depending on the topic of your blog of course!

Blogging communities are so so important for networking and building up your readers! Again, a thing i have only just stumbled upon but enjoying it immensly! There are sooooo many fantastic blogs and bloggers who run them out there and it is nice to connect and chat about similar things. I will always without doubt help a blogger out and never snub them like i have had done to me in the past. Im not in competition with any other blogger. That is why i love blogging because it is so unique to everyone and you never know what you might stumble upon.The communities always have tips and tricks to offer and RT other bloggers constantly so you could find a blog you really enjoy by accident! 
@'tting these communities can get you widespread exposure when they RT you

Some wonderful blogging communities on twitter are

Affiliate programmes are a great way to connect with brands and also earn money (not a lot, but the satisfaction is enough!) I am connected with affiliate window .com and also etailPr and use the blogger programme. The blogger programme is such a great way to work with brands which sometimes send you samples for a review and put you on their website again gaining you some exposure. I find it also with some brands that once you work with them they have your back and consider you with up and coming projects and will carry on to promote your work. 
Some brands i really appreciated working with 

Simply emailing your favourite brands and asking to collaborate and feature them on your blog is also a good way to connect although please be PREPARED for the ultimate rejection!! A lot of the time you will get ignored which i know can be disheartening and sometimes i have felt like giving up simply because of this. But you know if it is something you are really passionate about you will carry on no matter who or what brand has "deemed you not worthy enough".
With affilates you get to promote promo codes and banners and get a percentage of the items you successfully sell from driving traffic to the site.

Of course other social sites such as Instagram and YouTube can all help you blog, the latter more so than the former i think. I think YouTube is a great platform as the readers really get to see you and your personality come across, one thing which i am looking to start doing!
Making sure you connect with the audience is the most important thing.

Just have fun with whatever it is you are doing and push yourself each and every day

I really hope these tips helped any bloggers out there and if you have any questions at all please email me! The links are all up under my profile picture on my blog :)

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(Im not in anyway getting paid or sponsored by any brands for this post)

Much love.