Tuesday, 11 August 2015

MAKEUP | Mermaid lids

For this look i created i was inspired by the mermaids ♥_♥ the race of the mermaids/ merman capture peoples hearts on a daily basis with their ability to swim and be free in the beautiful oceans and their outstanding beauty and shimmer. I decided i wanted to be part mermaid for a little bit so i used this shimmery blue/green colour on my eyes and created a subtle contour

#Wet the eyeshadow brush so you get more of a pigmented look, these shadows are just a palette i got from Amazon! Not pricey at all.

#Add a little bit of brown, i used my bronzer powder, under the eye and in the crease to add a smokey affect and to add depth to your eye

#Contour your lips with a dark and light concealer first so your lips look more plump and mermaid like!

# Of couse add lots of highlight to you cheeks, nose, brow bone and cupids bow to look like a dewy mermaid who has just popped up from the sea ♥

 ♥ ABH dipbrow in dark brown ♥
♥Eyeshadow palette from Amazon ♥
♥Rimmel wake me up mascara ♥
♥ Ardell Accent lashes ♥
♥ Concealer palette from Amazon ( search it in search bar on site) ♥
♥ Lord&Berry lip pencil in nude ♥

Much love,