Thursday, 20 August 2015

BEAUTY | Tanning mistake!

As i sit here about to write this review all that is going through my mind is the following

A. My mum is going to literally kill 
me cos i have just stained her white bath towel

2. My boyfriend will probably get a fright later 
and think i have had a nasty 
accident in my WHITE!! white, why white Sarah? Pj bottoms

D. Why did i tan before i did my henna * big white patch alert*

So as you can probably tell from the title and i hope my thoughts ( c'mon!! i stopped pooing my pants a while back now ....) this post is about all things tanning! I don't need to tell you that we seem to have lost summer cos i think we are all pretty much aware and pretty much annoyed that the sun decided to skip us this year and leaving us pale bodied females walking around. 

I only really have one holy grail product which is of course the Marissa Carter cocoa brown 1 hour tan mousse. I swear by this product ladies!! So when i run out, i was at the shop looking for my bae when i saw another product in the same brand but just a slight difference that it was Night and day instant and gradual tanner. Im sure i bought it cos it was cheaper and if you know me, you know im a tightwad and will try anything that is on offer.

The conclusion of the story is i don't like the new one and i should of just stuck to what worked best for me!

To me this newer one is waaaaay to dark for me, it feels a lot stickier and it leaves weird marks in your skin. So if you have stretch marks or on rough areas like the knees it shows up and makes it look quite clear you have tan on! Not what i want when im tanning. Also as it is an instant tan i find it washes off a lot quicker and you get watermarks so easily, so when i wash up or water splashes at me i have really big watermarks!

Anyway i will insert a before and after and also insert the photo of the new tan and my holy grail fave tan! 

If you have tried one or both these products please let me know your
thoughts, i wonder if its just me and my skin
or it happens for the majority!

Much love,




p.s. for your sake invest in a good tanning mitt
with the night and day dont wanna see the state of my
thumb! *rolls eyes*