Wednesday, 8 March 2017

#MAKEUP | Mini L'Oreal haul - infalliable primer, foundation, lip paint

L'Oreal makeup seems to be everywhere at the moment and i reckon it has sublimonly made me buy some haha! Im not a newbie to L'Oreal, i have a few bits of their products from over the years as it really was one of the go to brands when i was a bit younger. Anyway i decided to pick up the infalliable foundation as im always one for trying out foundations to find the perfect one. I picked up the infallible primer as i actually didnt replace an old primer i had and then lastly i bought one of the lip paints shade 203 .

 I only have good things to say about the primer!! It is honestly a life saver, i have been questioning myself on why i hadnt bought it sooner as it genuinly is amazing. Maybe even the best product i have bought so far this year!
It is super super smoothing, and for someone like me who has big pores it is heaven sent.
I glides on the face and leaves it feeling as if little fairies have come in the night and used the finest fairy dust! 
One good thing also is when you use the flash to take photos there isnt any white marks that show up of which i have had before on an old primer i used to use :/

Btw its 3 for 2 across all L'oreal products in superdrug and boots!

The foundation i think i should of actually got a darker more bronze shade but in my local superdrug they didnt have many options :/ i mean in all realness the colour isnt a problem as i can eithe mix it with another foundation or just bronze the hell out of my face haha.
It is a total coverage. It is quite a thick consistancy as in you probably only need one layer and only tiny amounts, i made the mistake of putting on a heap on my face then realising its full coverage status lol
The lip paint was kind of a let down for me because i wanted it to be more on the orange side than the red and when i swatched it on my hand it seemed that way. Once i tried it on my lips i didnt quite feel the same. The applicator i felt was also a bit of a let down, it seemed kinda cheapish and the product doesnt apply thick it sort of comes out in stages and you have to use a few pumps to get the full coverage you want.

but overall i love the bit i bought and here is some photos of the look i created
also wearing Huda Beauty Lashes in Scarlett
(havent used the lip paint in these photos)

p.s. im never gonna not use a primer again!