Tuesday, 14 March 2017

#BEAUTY | Mothers Day gift guide

 Mothers Day is upon us and its probably one of my favourite holidays to buy a gift, not only because my mum is one of the easiests people to buy for as we have similar tastes but just because i love seeing all the gift displays in the shops.

I think if you are stuck for ideas then the best tip would be to go to a few shops and check out their displays for inspiration. One shop i would recommend is The Voewood (these pics are taken there). I may be a little bias as i do work there haha BUT as i always say i wouldnt recommend things if i truly didnt love them. 

As soon as you walk in to the shop you are hit by so many relaxing and transporting smells, thats why i think even if you dont intend to buy anything (although you wont be able to resist) its still nice to see all the colours and variety to be inspired :)

 The Voewood has all the gift goals for the perfect Mothers day gift.
From fancy chocolates with the likes of gingerbread, rhubarb and custard, champagne and peanut butter flavours to fashion, shoes and jewelry. 
The jewelry pieces are so unique and probably one of the gifts i would say would be a big hit.
 A lot of the items are also suitable for vegans and also made locally or in the UK. 
The Voewood also stockes REN skincare of which i currently use and recommend (post coming soon!) also some amazing hand made soaps and candles!

The fashion range screams luxury in the textures, style and quality. You can also shop online if you cannot visit the store personally! 

(the location is on the website)

Other ideas for gifts :
 The Joan Collins makeup range is so luxury and really is perfect for a gift. You can read my actual review on the products , here. The packaging is just so suiting to be given as a gift. Any makeup loving mum sure would appreciate this! The compact duo is a dream.

 Carrying on the makeup theme i have added a top mascara from MAX factor and some lash and brow serum from Nouveau lashes. Of course they are top quality products, that goes without saying but the theme that sort of runs through this post and is important to me when i am giving a gift is the packaging and quality of the outer product! 
They look so luxurious and in turn make the person recieving the gift feel that way too!

Read my review on the lash and brow serum if you
are unsure before buying!