Wednesday, 8 March 2017

#FITNESS | USN Nutrition range review

Since is quit the gym (because winter equals no motivation) i have been doing little workouts here and there at home but once spring is in full motion and the sun shows his face again the running will begin! USN sent me some bits to help me stay motivated and healthy during my workouts. 
Im very much a milkshake gal so i find that the milkshakes benefit me more than anything. Keeping me full before or after a workout to help with snacking less.

The website offers a wide range of items so i do recommend
checking it out!

I havent tried the capsules as im not a big fan of tablets in general so i did some of my own research and read some reviews and a lot of people are saying they have used these without anything else and have lost small amounts of weight.

Bring on summer 2017 for the summer bod!