Wednesday, 22 March 2017

#BEAUTY | Shampoo's to use if you suffer from itchy, dry, flaky scalp!

A topic close to my heart today, as a sufferer first hand from dandruff and all the stuff that comes with it I decided to share the products I have used and have worked for me. Whether they worked mildly or a lot I'm going to share them with you and maybe they could work for you!

E45 Shampoo

E45 is a well known brand for skincare and with proven results at that. As a brand I trust I then decided to try out the shampoo range which is said to be gentle on a dry scalp as its perfume free and contains more scalp friendly ingredients. When you squeeze the product out it actually reminds me of conditioner, it looks smooth and shiny. Once you apply it it foams up just like a shampoo, it doesn't smell of anything and applies really well.
For me it has worked pretty well, I'm pretty surprised by how my head is less itchy and also the dandruff is not so prominent! It retails around £5-£6 which is pretty hefty for one product but if it saves you pain then I guess its worth it!

Vatika Naturals

These products are AMAZING! I stumbled across this brand at a blogger event and haven't looked back since. The only problem I have is my local stores don't stock them as they are not the large stores sooooo I either have to but them online orrrr remember to get them when I go to a larger store...and my memory is terrible haha!
I had some products from the black seed and argan oil range which to my shock made my hair feel so nice and didn't irritate my scalp at all. Seeing as they are not targeted specifically for dandruff problems that's why I was shocked at the outcome. I would always pick a natural based product over brands that have chemicals and are just pretty to look at!
I'm thinking of trying the garlic shampoo as garlic is an amazing natural source!
These retail from around £2.99 up, so a bit more reasonable.


There area lot of medicated shampoos out there, for example vosene, T gel and many others. I am always sceptical of them because I have used vosene and I feel like it made my scalp worse...!!
Not only is the smell off putting but the colour also. Has anyone else used this and felt it didn't work?

If you find any of these don't work the next best thing would be to research natural remedies to try out, in the past I have used eggs, vinegar and honey on my hair...slightly more effort required and a whole lot more messy but if it works then it works!


p.s. I do not own these photos, I have used them from the web