Wednesday, 1 March 2017

#BEAUTY | Skincare newbies - SBC GELS

Im on a skincare journey right about now, so you are going to see a hella load of posts on me testing out different ranges ( i have a REN skincare post on the way!). Im a total makeup addict and love nothing more than creating makeup looks and using my skin as a canvas...BUT it gets me down when my pores are big or i start to break out and even have that odd dry patch where my foundation just sticks to it. 
So im working on getting the smoothest base possible and also who just doesnt want clear skin anyway :)

Also i would be so greatful if anyone reading this actually has had a successful skin story or can recommend any products that they swear by then let me know!

 Im getting into a routine of applying a cream before i sleep and when i wake up, i previously used the ultra face cream from Kiehls, well i still use it from time to time. I guess you could say it is my go to cream if im not in the midst if trying out others.

This vitamin ACE cream from is what im currently trying out and it is sure something different, it has little pink balls in that kind of pop or shall i say melt on the skin! They are called oxysomes. 
I feel like its very refreshing when i put it on and does give you that instant glow. I dont tend to use this cream if im planning to apply my makeup straight afterwards as it is a "wet" or sticky kind of texture.
Staying on that note, if i am applying my make up straight after wards i use the collagen serum as it is a lot thinner in consistancy and can double up as a primer! Although this serum is more directed toward mature skin, i think its good for my dry patches on my face as it helps to hydrate and give my cheeks especially a more plump look.
I also really love the packaging of this bottle, it looks really high end. I have previously reviewed the Propolis range from SBC Gels here and it seems that the range has got so much bigger and better!!

The jasmine and evening primrose oil is a bath cream which take it from me, smells sooo calming and stress-free. Perfect addition to a candle lit bubble bath <3