Monday, 25 July 2016

#SKINCARE | IPL at home hair removal with SmoothSkin GOLD

If you are wanting  a permanent solution for unwanted body hair then you are in the right place. Im not really a know it all when it comes to beauty gadgets like this as im usually one for sticking with what i know when it comes to my body. I dont like to play around with it too much as it really is natures way BUT after using this IPL hair removal device for a few weeks now i may just slightly be changing my mind!

If you are like me and only shave/wax in the summer, i know we are all hairy beasts in the winter haha then this could be your solution to not having to be worried about hairy legs in summer or winter! The Smooth Skin Gold device basically slows down the natural hair growth meaning that it takes longer to get hairier again! give me a woop woop for that!
For summer it is just so ideal because all i want to do is fling on a pair of shorts or a frilly dress and not spend 10 minutes panicking that i havent shaved my legs or underarms! Ive done this before and dry shaved my legs and ended up with blood all down my legs...meaning i had to cover up anyway.

How to use SmoothSkin Gold?

You only need to use the device once every week for at least 12 weeks! Then its all about maintaining. I found that the thing with this is just to be consistant, its so easy to be like 
"i wont bother this week" cos you dont see immediate results. This isnt a quick fix kind of result, besides whats the saying - good things come to those who wait ;)

You can visit the website for more in depth info, but the booklet thats comes with the device is very helpful.


#If you are not so sure at first then use the gentle
mode and that way you get use to the flashes

#After treatment your skin will be more sensitive
 to the suns light so try to stay clear of gazing sun 
(yes you got the smooth legs, dont try catch that tan just yet!;)

#My results

So the main thing i have noticed is that my hairs take longer to grow back! Yipiee! That means the device actually works haha *phew* but its also a psychological thing too, im not thinking about my legs as much ...well the hairs on them! And i feel a lot more confident.

I would say it is worth the money cos it is an investment that will just become part of your normal routine. The device can actually last for up to 10 years, imagine the saves you will make on your razors. At £10 a pop!
The device is a one off payment of £249.00 at Amazon and i think £300.00 at Boots.

*This was sent to me as  PR sample*