Wednesday, 27 July 2016

#BEAUTY | Kiehls - a one branded skincare routine

 Twitter for bloggers is the holy grail...not only is it a great platform to promote the posts youve written , about the things you love ..or even hate BUT the oppurtunities to work with the brands you adore is there. Even just to communicate with a brand is enough for me, like the twitter chats that brands can host and this is how this post come about. Kiehl's held a little chat on twitter a while back now and it was great to get involved and in doing so i along with many other bloggers received a few products as a thank - you type thing. Now, i am so so grateful for that because i never take part in things like this just for freebies - i think as a blogger its such a privilege to get to know the brand in a more personal way and thats what those chats are great for!

Anyway..i thought i would do a little challenge with these products as they are the basis for a normal skincare routine... cleanser, moisturiser and a facial oil and just use these 3 items for my skincare routine for a week or 2. Normally im such a mix and match-a with skincare products with all types from different brands! Not anymore, lets see how i got on..

 The Centella Skin- Calming Facial Cleanser was one of the items i received. It states on the bottle that it is suitable for sensitive skin, which i am probably lucky that my skin isnt really that sensitive but if you do suffer from sensitive skin i would surely throw this your way. It isnt heavily scented and isnt harsh at all, in fact the consistancy of the cleanser is very soft and gentle. I used about 2-3 pumps of the cleanser all over my face and neck, morning and evening. I even left my makeup on and used this to clease it off, the remaining makeu residue (mainly eye makeup) i would just use some cotton pads and eye makeup remover.

It left my face very soft and natural, it wasnt dry afterwards which i know a lot of facial cleansers tend to do and even soap..makes the skin very taut but this didnt strip any natural oils out of my skin so i was very very pleased with that!

As for the bottle itself it is very sturdy (a must have) and it has a nozzle on it so when you turn it round it stop any product coming out. No leakage! 

 An oil is always essential for radient skin and for showing of those this Daily Reviving Concentrate will do just that job. After i used the cleanser i popped a little of this all over my face, its okay because it isnt an intense oily oil! So dont fear that you will be shiny and oily, instead it makes the face look revived and dewy. When we had that little bit of sunshine i either put the tinest bit on my cheeks during the day or just on my face at night. Cos the sun will of course help me create my own oils! I love the bottle as it has such a great pipette on it! You dont end up with loads of product of which you cant control. Also just a note i have combination/oily skin and this didnt make me break out in any spots.
This little beauty smells so divine *heart emoji* the Super Multi- Corrective Cream is a great moisturiser. It doesnt have that oily or buttery feel about it and it also doesnt just sit on the top layer of skin. It left my skin feeling so so smooth, again i didnt break out and it just gave me a little added glow. Feels very hydrating. I tend to use this more at night, a layer just before bed and you do wake up with a new face..ahah just kidding although it does feel that way. The jasmine in the serum really is relaxing and thats why i feel its perfect for a night time cream!

I would say that my one branded skin care routine was a success and it probably works best that way. As long as you have products that target your skin type then youre on to a winner, excuse me whilst i check out some other products from the Kiehl's website!