Monday, 4 July 2016

#REVIEW | Lean Greens superfood drink

Health drinks are always at the very top of my list to try as there are always new flavours popping on to the market many carrying some helpful benefit. For this post we are going green! This drink is a green drink from Lean Greens involving foods like 
Green teea

 The only problem with drinks of the green kind is the taste, they can famously taste like a cupful pond water! So i was hoping for the opposite with this drink.

What does it do?

It is basically a drink that will help you discover your natural enegery levels and cut out any uncomfortable bloating. A drink to make you feel alert and not have sugar crashes like you may get from those sweet snacks we tend to reach for. And hopefully put a stop to those cravings for all things sweet altogether .

...The taste?

I really went in to this thinking it would be so yummy like those green shakes you see and want to devour, but it wasnt a taste i could handle. I'll be honest it actually wasnt that bad, but i personally couldnt drink it without pulling a sour face. If you have a stronger stomach for those kind of flavours i think you will be okay with it! 
I stuck with it for 3 days and then i couldnt go on no more, as for the texture of the drink it too is not all bad. It is pretty smooth and doesnt have any lumps in.

I think the benefits are actually brilliant and what you would expect from such healthy foods but its just if you can overcome the taste, but remember nothing worth having comes easy - so on this one, i think its all about mind over matter!

You can buy the powder and shaker over at 

A 30 day serving is priced at £44.99