Tuesday, 19 July 2016

#HEALTH & FITNESS | Loosing weight the fun way with Nutribuddy

From the title i know that you all must be thinking fun and loosing weight cant go in the same sentence, but you are wrong. There are a lot of diets out there and products that can help you to lose weight and i want to show you today that a diet doesnt have to be such a negative thought or thing to do! 

What may work for one wont work for another BUT just have a read of my journey so far and see if you could do it for yourself. So, i got sent this beautiful looking bundle from Nutribuddy. It is a 14 day bundle. Which you can buy online for £34.99, there is also the option to buy a 7 day starter kit for £24.99 (recommened for anyone who wants to try it out before commiting to a bigger bundle to see if it works for you) you can also buy a bigger bundle for £62.99 which is a 30 day one. 

I myself can be quite sceptical of meal replacement shakes as i think eating 3 meals a day and keeping snacking to the minimum is enough to help you stay at the weight of your choice. But of course its not always that easy, i do find myself grabbing takeaways or even telling myself i NEED that chocolate bar of bag of crisps after a long shift or on those days when you just feel not quite right! This shake has made it much more easier for me to turn my nose up at those kind of snacks that will put the weight on! If i feel i am about to grab a pesky snack instead i will grab my shaker and make my shake which of course is chocolate flavour hehe chocolate cant escape my life that easy! It really fills me up  before my next meal and i dont even crave any kind of chocolate because of the chocolate flavour. (vanilla is also a flavour option)

 My favourite thing about the whole bundle is actually the recipe book! I think a lot of the time its so hard to come up with yummy meals that are also substantial, so even after you eat your lunch you still grab a few other things to eat because it just has not hit that spot. But the recipes that are in the book are literally amazing, i thought it would just be a leaflet type of book with a few hints and tips but the Nutribuddy team have really suprised me with this one! There are also shake recommendations so you can mix your whey supplement with other fresh ingredients to make things like -
Banana & Hazelnut shake
Mixed Berry shake 
Peach Melba shake
Chocolate and Berry shake

the list is honestly endless and the book has all the inspiration you need to create them! 

I have been using the sculpting whey for about ten days now and i cant honestly say it has helped me cut down slowly on snacking and made me focus on just the main 3 meals a day! I would say i have lost a little bit of weight and certainly not gained any! But it isnt anything drastic as of yet, its still important to have an active lifestyle even if you are not going to the gym (like me - sorry guys i slacked a bit) but i walk everyday for long periods of time and that really helps to be active. 

Regarding the vitamins and capsules i have only tried them a few times throughout my journey but i felt as if i personally didnt need them as the sculpting whey was enough to fill those gaps for me! I am also not a huge tablet taker, but i am certain they have that same effect of filling those gaps. So if any of you do decicde to get the bundle you may even prefer the capsules to the shake!

On a side note, i actually love the shaker so much - i even use it as a water bottle! It is very secure and handy to carry about and looks gorg of course 8-) 

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