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#HEALTH | Getting your vitamins with Natures Well (Halal)

Normally im not a big fan of vitamins, not just because normally they come in some kind of capsule form and i sometimes feel like the percentage of actually getting any of the goodness it very low to what you would get if you ate the right amount of veggies and fruit.
That being said i  thought i would give these ones a go because not only are the chewable but also because i have had a few bouts of illness so close together, it wouldnt do me no harm to just try and see what comes of it.
They are from Natures Well which is a brand that specialising in halal supplements. This means the product has no alcohol or pork in. 

It is worth having a browse through the vitamin list to see if there are any that you may think could be suitable for your needs as they actually have a very wide range of them! I choose the Vitamin C tabs because i feel like i needed the nourishment and to restore that particular issue after being ill.

Why these vitamins are for me rather than those from the local shop?
  • Major vitamin brands usually contain gelatine and animal based ingredients, specifically pork and pig sources
  • Major vitamin brands usually contain alcohol / ethanol
  • “Suitable for Vegetarian” products are not permissible for Muslims as many contain alcohol and non-halal sources
  • All Natures Well™ Laboratories and production facilities are certified HMC Halal (pork, animal based ingredients and alcohol free)
The facts above are probably the main reason i feel more at ease taking these supplements than i would those you can buy cheaply in a supermarket. Not only that but the company also donate 10% of profits to charity. Which i think is a real bonus, its a great way of giving back and makes me so happy that brands would do something so selfless.

10% of Profits to Charity, Natures Well has made an unprecedented pledge to donate a minimum of 10% of our profits to various charities every year, (Zakat & Sadaqah)

How did i get on / taste?

You get 60 tablets in this pot.
I take a tablet each day or ever other day and the taste isnt sour or just a horrible taste, it is an orange favour and i just simply chew it and its gone! Now i have been taking them for a few weeks now and i cant say its a change i will notice like weight loss for example, but i do believe it is giving me the vitamin C i need in a small dose which i dont also get from food (we all have those weeks where we just pig out ,, right?!)! It hasnt giving me a zing of energy but i do feel if i am at work (a very fast paced job)  i can go on my break at a later time as my energy isnt so lacking as it was before. Im also drinking more water so that may also help!

What are your thoughts on vitamins?


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