Tuesday, 8 December 2015

#OOTD | Kingin' it

here is me just kingin' it in this tee from the new house of sàça collection, although this is from their mens collection and technically i am not a king but a queen hehe i can wear it with pride, i mean, doesnt kylie jenner refer to herself as 'king kylie'?
in the world of instagram brands this collection has me most excited as im such a huge fan of a slogan tee and dont think you can ever have enough. slouching about in a tee has to be one of my fave things to do, but you can also really dress them up. i have seen so many bloggers wearing a slogan tee and then having something fancy going on down below....heels and a slogan tee is enough for me!

find out more about the collection

what do you think of this tee, would you wear it?


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