Thursday, 10 December 2015

#FITNESS | How to start your fitness journey & keep it up!

im branching out into the world of fitness!! wish me luck 0:)

how does one start a fitness journey? i dont think there is any wrong or right way to go about how to start really looking after your body - and i dont just mean from the outside. for a long time now i have wanted to really get into the whole scene of working out and eating healthy, but then do you know what happens? life. yes life takes over. i know for many of us, including me this is just an excuse - and thats where it all lies, it has to come from within. the motivation has to always start from YOU. no one says to you
"today is the day, you should get a hold of your health and start working out today!"
 i can be totally motivated one month and get really stuck into a routine of going running or doing those big booty squats but then it all goes out the window! i use the excuses, im tired, i have work tomorrow, its too cold ( i mean the winters here seem to be getting colder...or is that just me?)
dont get me wrong, it isnt a case of laziness, im glad i dont have to beat myself up about that one..i think its a case of sticking to something and not letting the negative mind set kick in. so here are a few tips on how you can start your journey and also *hopefully* keep it up! 
im going to use this guide aswell and pray to the heavens that i will stick to it, & i want you guys to help me too!!

if i said this to myself about 2 years ago i would probably say 
" what people?"
dont get it twisted now, i do have friends (even though most
of them seem to have fur and bark..)
but it wasnt the kind of people who had my
best interests at heart, and thats OK. everyone is preoccupied with
their own lives so why would they want to add
motivating me to do something I want to their list?
in this age we can use the internet to much benefit, YouTube vids of
workout routines and fitness diaries, blogs and even instafeeds.
you can also create a friendship with these people and help to motivate eachother.
at least you both know its the real thang and you want to
see eachother succeed :)

**calling all scatter brains** 
even if you are not a scatter brain this one is also for you. get yourself a little notepad or
even a wall planner and PLAN! write down goals, times and routines. for example on monday 
you may want to go for a late night run cos you dont have to get up
for work the next morning, on wednesday you may want to do a 
few exercises after work. it doesnt matter the routine, just write it down and tick it off as you go.
a good tip is also to plan your meals, i tend to wander of track and 
grab junk food just because its the easier option. im hungry, i want food. thats it. there is no 
inbetween. WRONG. there go my excuses again *slap*
the more you plan the more likely you will stick to it and 
create the healthiest, yummiest, organ benefiting food ;p

as i mentioned up there ^^^ its all about mindset. believe in yourself and be your 
biggest fan. we all see in our minds the best version of ourselves and who says
we cant be that? US. by having a negative mindset we stop ourselves being the best we can be.
positive thinking is also a lengthy process and needs to be practised everyday. so why not
think positive in the mind and body.  little things like saying to yourself in your head or out loud
"i can do this, i will do this"
can make all the difference! i once read the book called "the secret" which really
helped me to understand all about what being positive can do for me. i really recommend 
the book to anyone who struggles with bouts of negativity.

i hope all this tips will prove helpful!
for your sake and mine
now im going to finish off this doughnut..

just kidding ;)

what is your current fitness routine? do you struggle with keeping it up?
any tips?
please comment below


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