Monday, 14 December 2015

NYE dresses w/ NAZZ collection

Hopefully you have seen my last NYE post, featuring a gorgeous crochet dress from boohoo. Cos here is another NYE dress inspiration all from NAZZ collection post for you! The boohoo dress was beautiful and your typical party/evening dress, where as these are showstopers!!They are dripping in G L A M , i have choosen all long maxi dresses for this post, so if you are are not a usual spotlight stealer you will be in one of these! 

I personally cannot get over number 3 !! It is just beautiful beyond words. As you can
see i am loving the blue colour for the NY, it scream royal and class. I have my own dress from Nazz collection ( number 1 but in white) and the quality is absolutley amazing. The fit is perfect and the designs are just so classic.

Would you wear any dresses from this collection?


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