Tuesday, 1 December 2015

HQhair #KISSMAS secret santa competition

Christmas is the time of year i look forward to the most, not just because of the food *angel emoji* or the gift giving BUT the fact that we have some of the best festive parties to attend! not only meaning we get to show off our new fashion purchases and sparkle like a disco ball but we get to use all our beauty goodies! the best bit about going out is the getting ready right? the long hours of conditioning our hair in preperation, the art of scultping our faces and trying out that new glittery liner. 
so luckily enough for you guys i have teamed up with HQhair.com who have gone all out christmas-ey and are holding a #KISSMAS secret santa campaign!

SO what does this mean??!!!

it means you can win a whole bunch of beauty goodies just before christmas to help with YOU looking gorgeous! If you want to know a little more about the campaign you can read HQhair  explaining it ♥ (you can also enter via the link^)

To be in a chance of winning all you have to do is TAG a friend who you also think deserves a secret santa beauty box at HQhair's twitter handle here : @HQHAIR not forgetting to mention #KISSMAS also tweet them what you think is in the box!

or simply continue further down my post and see what is in the box! if you dont want to see and want to keep the box a secret ...sshhh...then go straight to their twitter :) you can also tag me in the twitter so i know you have entered, im at @justsarahxoxo_

( competition ends 18/12/2015) - so HURRY!

i love this campaign because it mean you guys get to be involved!! lets spread the christmas cheer and start giving ♥



....i knew you would sneak-a-peek ;)...

with these goodies you have everything you need to create that perfect party look,
from the eyeshadows (which im loving the pigment and colour) the gloss, the contour kit and even the cream to sort out those cracked heels! lets face it, we are going to be wearing some gorgeous high heels and we want baby smooth feet! Im going to link all items below so you can read up on them direct from the HQhair.com site :)

merry #KISSMAS 


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