Wednesday, 2 December 2015

#BEAUTY | Manuka Doctor facial peel

skincare is an essential one for me cos my face is so dirty haha well, thats the basis of it. i dont mean dirty as in a have marks all over my face, but its the hidden dirt! makeup, oil and even outdoor pollution can cause so much dirt  to stick to your pores. if you are like me, you will spend countless hours in the mirror trying to squeeze out the dirt *yuck* TMI! sorry guys! 
i wouldnt recommend it as it can cause scaring! the next best thing to do it to find a facial mask/peel that suits your skin type and to use it once or twice a week. im so so glad that i got to work with Manuka Doctor and came across this facial peel, cos its pretty much a skin saver. i  have such trouble with my nose pores and after using this a couple of times have realised that it has helped to pull some of the dirt out of my pores! just what i needed.

as you can see it includes manuka honey and also bee venom, id like to add that no bees were harmed during the process! i have used pure honey on my face before and it is so great to obtain smooth skin but i have never used anything with bee venom in. 

it is a gorgeous thick consistency which applies to the skin really really well, i like to use my spare foundation brush to apply it and it goes on perfectly! it dries really quick but the best part is pulling it feels so weird as if youre pulling a layer of skin off ahha
i get satisfaction from the smallest of things, ey. 
you just feel so instantly clean once it is off and it doesnt leave your skin dry either , in fact its the total opposite, leaving it hydrated.

i think this facial peel has captured my heart out of all masks i have used. i suppose the next step is to try their other products. look, they have loads !! >

go check out my mask selfie over at @ sarahlcx2 on insta

psssst. also youtube sensation shaaanxo uses the mask and she loves it 
see here > shaaanxo vlog

have you tried anything from the Manuka Doctor range? 
what sort of masks do you normally use? 


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