Tuesday, 15 December 2015

BEAUTY | Prime time - 2 primers to stick with!

There are waaay too many primers on the market, when did it suddenly blow up with primers? like just when the whole contour world blew up and everyone was launching contour kits. I'm not a real big user of primers, just use a little on a night out. 

I have always used the W7 Prime magic primer as it is a bargain at around £4. Its so smoothing and applies really well, lasts allll day or night as the case may be and leaves the makeup fully on your face. The only thing i find about it is it can leave my problem areas of my face a bit dry. I think if i invest in a fix plus type of prodcut, it may combat that problem!
 (seen on the left side of my hand)

The other primer i have included is the little arbonne primer. I got sent some samples of this and recently used it, and i actually prefer it to the W7 one. It has a more skin tone to it and is a hella lot more hydrating, it still has the smooth feel about it  but instead of being so drying its a bit more movable and oily. Not that oily that it makes your skin oily though! It kept my make up on brilliantly. So i would like to thank Kerry for sending me the samples ♥ 

Whats your favourite primer?



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