Wednesday, 4 November 2015

#wishlist | things to buy a woman for christmas #1

payday is so near once again, thank goodness because it feels like ages since i last got payed! or maybe i just spent so much so quick *oopsy* but instead of splurging on ones self in this want list, its time to spend on others. christmas is just around the corner so its time to get prepared. although this want list is going to be mostly things i want haha im goingto try to add bits in that i think most females will love and things you can buy for a friend, sister or mother. men are just a whole other story lol i'll compile that list another time! have the stylish iphone cases i have ever seen! To be honest i want them all, these are perfect for phone lovers and if you are like me and look after your phone like its your extended arm then they are the best stocking filler ♥
these makeup sets are so worth it for a makeup junkie! a brill idea is to buy these sets, take them out the packaging and put them in a beautiful makeup case like this one ^^^ i love the slogan, anything unicorn realted gets a thumbs up from me :) all from , the deals they have on this site is nuts. dont be amazed if you get a free gift or promo codes which help save those extra pennies!

whats a gift without pyjamas!! christmas isnt complete without a comfy new pair of pjs, especially a pair you could also pull off wearing as casual clothes?! ha have a lovely range of nightwear from slogan nighties ( slogans are sooooooooo in right now gf) to comfy leggings and t shirts.

I will do some more posts on these gift ideas, as i love doing them but also love to help any struggling christmas shopper out!

much love,