Saturday, 21 November 2015

#REVIEW | Cocoa brown's TOUGH STUFF

i am a huuuuge huuuge fan of the brand Cocoa Brown when it comes to tanning, in fact maybe im their biggest fan ;) im not going to lie and say i have tried all their products, i wish i did try them all! but i have another one to add to the list right here in  this post. like anything its so easy to put something on but its getting it off that is the know how it is with those stubborn tan marks that seem to want to start renting your skin out for their own benefit!! i mean, i have gone around with 30% off a tan left which actually looks like dirt and felt so insecure. feeling like the antichrist is not really the one, and i always find on my neck it looks the worst! like i havent washed in weeks ....maybe i should stop the tan on my neck haha. ENTER, cocoa brown's "TOUGH STUFF" . it's basically an exfoliator/body scrub which will hlp rid you off those funky looking skid marks on your legs.
before i even opened the packaging i kid you not, i could smell that dazzling pink product. that is one of the reasons i love the tan, becuase it smells gorgeous and it is quite a strong smell.  i certainly wasnt dissapointed with this product, it already ticked of the gorgeous smell and when i used it not only did i get results but BRILLIANT ones!

now, im a bath gal so i got to soak in all the little exfoliating balls and have it scratch up my back when i moved about haha not as unpleasant as it sounds, i figured its doing wonders for my back and  i dont even have to do the work *hehe* im really happy with how the tough stuff gets my skin ready and buffed for my cocoa brown tan and it seems to look a lot more even.

oh yeah, and its pink! 

whats your fave tan brand? have you used any of the cocoa brown products?
leave a comment and let me know ♥

much love