Friday, 13 November 2015

#REVIEW | Love me beauty box

beauty boxes are so trendy right now and i have always been a big fan of them! i've only tried a handful and i make it my aim to try them all! i've said it before but it is the truth, the best thing about them is it is like a little birthday or christmas gift. not knowing what is inside is all part of the thrill! the love me beauty box is a little bit different as it is personalised. there is questions you can answer about your skin, type, hair colour and type and what sort of items you prefer. so the items are really personalised for you and your body.

as im a sucker for packaging i was so happy with this box. sleek and strudy, with a lovely fabric bag inside holding all the little bits, with "love me beauty" printed on. so im going to be using the fabric bag as a travel makeup holder! 

Whats in the box?

 i think this is so vintage. i love this completely and im so glad that i found out this existed thought this box. its so great to just add a little shuz to your hair and to also make is smell fresh. i can see me leaving this in my handbag so i can spritz my hair during the day, and feeling so fab pulling such a stylish can out ha. RRP £12.00

i was super pleased i recieved another oil from the nuxe range, this time the shimmer one. after i tried out the original dry oil i initally wanted to try the shimmer one!! i used it on my hair as i dont really like the shimmer like edward cullen, and it made me hair super shiny but not greasy! 

the least said about this product, i think the better. i dont like being harsh but this product wasnt for me. the packaging looks somewhat of a medicinal product and the smell was not pleasent. it has grapefruit in it but i only smelt the smallet hint of it and the rest smelt like chemicals...

winter is here and what comes with winter? wind, and what does wind do? dries the hell out of my lips! the lanolips 3-in-1 balm is amazing. it is so thick and smooth, i wore it for the whole day and it protected my lips from the ghastly winds. the only thing is you may end utrying to eat your smells like bananas but think more of banoffee pie.. mm yum yum RRP £8.99

i had a grande time with this creating a smoking wing. ive never actually used a gel pencil but the consistancy is so easy to work with! it has super staying power and is a lovely deep purple colour and is a nice extension to my makeup collection :) £12

 the boxes are just £10 a month and as you can already see my items i recieved total over that amount! so you get some lovely treats from brands you may not even know for such a great price!

Try is yourself and you may discover
a gem ♥

much love,